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CTR Valuation is a small minority and family owned real estate appraisal company based out of California, but with plans to become a major evaluation company. With more than 15 years of experience in residential appraisals, CTR noticed the flaws and inefficiencies of other appraisal management companies that do not fully understand the unique real estate market of Southern California. We noticed a lot of these companies are not even from the local market which create time deficiencies and confusion for homeowners and lending institutions. Why would you order an appraisal for a Los Angeles property from a management company that’s based in South Carolina? This is one of the main reasons why we decided to create CTR Valuation Services. We seek to use our local knowledge and expertise to eliminate the confusion and time wasted between clients and appraisal management companies that don’t belong to their particular market.

Industry Focus

CTR seeks to create awareness amongst the minority community for a career in real estate appraising. 2021 data from Zippia reads that US appraisers are predominately white males: specifically 63% male, and 85% white. Clearly, diversifying the field is long overdue. CTR prides on being a minority owned business and has made it a mission to increase the diversity in the appraising industry. In addition, IBISWorld and an article in Mortgage Women Magazine highlight that “not only does the industry need more female appraisers [32% of the industry], it needs more' and particularly a new generation of 'appraisers overall [roughly 55% of 20+ year senior appraisers reaching retirement versus 5% ages 26-35 and 1% younger than 25, but with a current appraisal industry growth rate of 14%].' Bringing attention to the younger demographic of these open opportunities, 'as well as inviting more women into the profession is as much of a practical matter as it is one of fairness and equal opportunity.” We will accomplish this goal by actively participating in our local communities and educating the public through workshops and social media.

CTR's Mission

CTR Valuation's goal is to do our utmost in providing a quality real estate appraisal experience while becoming the primary leader for all valuation services in California. We are accomplishing this by supporting minorities, exemplifying diversity in the workforce, as well as focusing on our clients needs– providing them with not only great service, but a personable connection.

Company Culture

The culture of this appraisal management company is rooted into our name, CTR. CTR stands for Choose The Right. We believe that in order to become a successful company, one must be able to consistently choose the right and ethical decisions. This includes choosing the right appraiser for every client's needs; choosing the right software to manage all of our client's orders; and choosing the right product for every client. This principle applies to everything that CTR does in and out of business hours. Respect is the trait that CTR will always focus on especially when it comes to the way of treating our appraisers in our network. We treat the clients with respect by being transparent throughout the whole appraisal process. Therefore putting our appraiser's and client's needs first is how we prioritize our management. By doing so, we create a successful team environment where efficiency thrives. Our goal is to give anyone who decides to partner a peace of mind that they Chose The Right management company to fulfill their needs.

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