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Today is the day to build new bridges and open doors. The US Real Estate Appraisal industry is witnessing a growth rate of 14% with a $9.8BN market size [measured by revenue]– increasing faster than the Real Estate and Rental and Leasing sector overall. California is where CTR Valuation shines, so it excites us to share that the golden state is one of the highest paying states for real estate appraisers, as well as one of the leading states where appraisers are high in-demand. "Rising home prices provide an incentive for residential investment, given the effect that price trends will have on the return. This factor can result in an increase in demand for real estate appraisers. Due to high economic uncertainty amid the coronavirus pandemic, many houses have been taken off the market. Therefore, the house price index is expected to increase in 2021, presenting a potential opportunity for the industry." CTR is not holding back from modernizing the scope of business in real estate valuation and we're looking forward to what the future holds across the board of the Appraisal industry.


Priceless Partnerships

We treat every appraiser in our network as a partner of business. The appraisal business is ever-changing and it can be frustrating when other AMC's wrongfully treat you as cheap contractors. We believe that AMC's and appraisers are a team that's built in order to solve our clients' specific problems. Which is why CTR aims to provide the most sufficient information, tools and technology necessary to ensure absolute success for every appraiser thats on our panel. 

Growth and

A Greater Cause

As expressed in our Company Culture, CTR stands by "Choosing The Right" and we certainly seek partnerships with like-minded appraisers who see themselves as thought-leaders with a growth mindset. As an appraiser working with CTR, you take a stand for the greater good; an individual looking to spark positive change in the industry and the world around them, including themselves. Growth is defined as "the process of developing and increasing in either size or value;" the fact of the matter is that appraisers are the most important individuals in the appraisal process and they must be treated with the utmost respect. Our mission is to create a team environment where CTR and its appraisers grow together and maintain a high level of quality through every appraisal. Accountability, communication and feedback are all necessary components to ensure a seamless appraisal process. With that, CTR also stands by the importance of appraisers not having to wait longer than one week for payment per every appraisal; having to wait 30 days or more to receive compensation is simply irresponsible and unfair.

Our morals are rooted in our foundation, but our appraisers make up our backbone. Together we can deliver quality and compliant appraisals while making a difference. 

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We look forward to your assistance in strengthening California's preferred choice in Appraisal Management.

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