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What is an Appraisal?

A real estate appraisal, property valuation or land valuation is the unbiased assessment of developing a professional opinion on a particular value via analysis of real property, usually in order to establish its Fair Market Value– or sometimes conducted to check for support of sales price, loan value, investment value, etc. Appraisal reports are an integral part of most real estate transactions and 

form the basis for mortgage loans, settling estates and divorces, taxation, and so on. They can include recent sales information for similar properties, the current condition of the property, and the location of the property, i.e., insight as to how the neighborhood impacts the property’s value.

Unique Properties

Deserve Real Value

For all mortgage brokers and lenders that do business in California, CTR is the preferred choice in appraisal management for providing the most accurate, unbiased and time efficient evaluations. When you order an appraisal through CTR, you're guaranteed peace of mind knowing that our state licensed appraisers inspect your home in a timely manner. We demand integrity and transparency throughout the appraisal process to establish the trust our homeowners deserve. As California natives we ensure that every appraisal thats ordered through CTR promotes jobs in your community.

Why you need an Appraisal.

Have you ever wondered if the estimates of Zillow or Redfin are true and accurate?

As professional real estate valuation company, we know that the most accurate way of knowing what the real value of your home is by ordering a proper real estate appraisal. A licensed appraiser will do an exterior and/or interior assessment on the characteristics of your property in order to deliver an accurate appraisal; and you, the homeowner, will have peace of mind knowing the true market value of your property. Unlike Realtors, appraisers have specific guidelines to follow when determining market value of real property; these guidelines ensure that nothing manipulates the true final value of your property. Homeowners can use an appraisal for all sorts of reasons such as listing your home for sale, tax assessment purposes, divorce, a potential investment, or simply just knowing to know!

For any reason, or perhaps you're unsure, CTR is always able to accommodate and willing to help. Whether you’re selling a home, refinancing, settling an estate, going through a divorce, or analyzing a potential real estate investment, you need an appraisal that’s accurate, fair, and unbiased.

CTR will act as liaison between lenders and appraisers to assure you a steadfast valuation, fair treatment and clarity throughout the process.

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