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Technology and Performance

Keeping up with modern times sets us apart from other AMC's. Not just via our approach and mindset, but the technology we leverage allows for our expert capabilities to reach their full potential and truly showcase to our clients and vendors what peak real estate performance management really looks like. CTR Valuation utilizes ValueLink to expand our services as an elite Appraisal Management Company and provide our clients with enriched experiences. With a combination of automation, AI, powerful functionality, and mobile technology, ValueLink makes managing the valuation process simple and efficient for everyone involved.

Self-analysis is just as important. In order to maximize precision in our valuations we constantly evaluate our appraisers per every appraisal for possible errors and overall turn time. Furthermore, appraisers are constantly audited to make sure that our collective work is compliant with local and federal regulations. Between utilizing clear and communicative reports to express data, providing seamless vendor management and customized CRM in real-time, CTR is capable of providing a streamlined workflow catered to your personal needs.

CTR is an advocate for more technology in the real estate industry and is keeping a close eye on cryptocurrency technologies that may benefit the industry. In the near future, CTR will use blockchain technology to facilitate all the appraisals that have been ordered. Blockchain technology will also be able to incorporate mortgage services, keeping highly confidential information such as; trust deeds, escrow documents, title information, etc, highly secured on the web. Eventually, all of these items will be accessible to any party who is involved in a particular real estate transaction. This communal power, due to the blockchain grid securing every stored file, will drastically eliminate wasted processing time of documents and create a more harmonious system all around.
Click on this link for even more information regarding blockchain technology within real estate.

The Value in Strategic Management

CTR streamlines the appraisal process by operating as the intermediary between appraisers and lenders. Using our in-house experience of appraising, we can save time and money for our clients by actively engaging with our appraisers to resolve any issues during the appraisal process. Rebuttals and reconsiderations of value will be evaluated individually in order to limit unnecessary revisions. In effect, this simple solution will increase productivity and promote faster loan transactions for all clients.

Recertification of Value

Field Review

Multi-Family Property

Full Appraisal REO Property

Manufactured Home

Hard Money/Fix and Flip

FHA & Conventional Appraisals

Desk Review

Investment Property

Land Appraisal

Commercial Valuations

Single Family Residential

Full Appraisal: $500-$1M

Full Appraisal: Over $1M

Limited Appraisal 2055

Form 2070

Private Wealth


CTR Valuation is a forward thinking full-service appraisal management company that provides a broad offering of valuations and customizable report options. Our diverse group of experienced appraisers are eager and qualified to handle any property and appraisal type, including:

The future is bright for the real estate appraisal industry. CTR is a proactive AMC that looks to be ahead of the curve and we look forward to succeeding with our lenders in seeking true value.

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We look forward to providing our clients with California's preferred choice in Appraisal Management.

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